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This site does not offer any investment advice. It is designed purely to explain the extent and scope of the services we offer

Welcome to Peter Guy Limited

We do the opposite to most financial advisers as our service proposition isnít based solely around the 'sale' of financial products. In fact we promise we will not try to 'sell' you anything until a clear need has been identified as part of a comprehensive financial planning process.

We specialise in lifetime cashflow modelling. We believe that once an individual knows how much money they need to maintain their current and future-desired lifestyle, they are in a better position to make wiser choices with their money.

We want our clients to benefit from our financial planning service in the following ways:

  • Be in control of their financial situation
  • Be clear about the options they have
  • Use their money effectively
  • Identify and achieve their financial goals
  • Manage their cashflow
  • Regular reviews on their progress
  • Peace of mind