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Our Clients

Our clients come from all walks of life but they all have something in common the desire to achieve and maintain financial independence.

Our service has been invaluable to people who have experienced a life changing event or require guidance in budgeting and managing cashflow. We have worked with individuals who are close to or at retirement and want to know what their financial future might look like. Equally, we have been able to help people who have experienced bereavement and need assistance in managing a change in their circumstances.

Many more people are now starting to realise the value that a financial planner can provide. With dwindling State assistance, increasingly volatile investment markets and the need to be financially well-organised, good quality financial advice has never been more important.

Our service proposition is of most benefit to clients who have above-average incomes (35,000+) or have assets/capital in excess of 100,000. In order for our service to be of value, you must have sufficient financial scope to implement some of the changes we recommend.