Independent Financial Advisers – Peter Guy Ltd

Our Financial Planning Service

Our client service is based around the provision of comprehensive financial planning advice.

What is financial planning?

Comprehensive financial planning aims to give our clients objective assistance in organising their personal (or corporate) affairs in order to more easily achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

A 'financial journey' generally needs to start with an income and expenditure analysis in order to establish current and future requirements for income and/or capital. This process is at the heart of every financial plan we produce as it provides our clients with the facts that they need to have in order to make important and informed choices with their money.

Should the financial planning process indicate that you might require products to satisfy your needs, this can lead to the recommendation of a specific contract or policy such as a pension, protection plan or investment portfolio. Initially, however, it will result in the production of a plan devised specifically for each client, focussing on strategy and goals.

Our Financial Planning process could help you to:

  1. be financially better organised
  2. reduce your tax liabilities
  3. improve investment returns
  4. better understand and manage financial risk
  5. avoid running out of money
  6. above all, help you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle

We have factsheets that describe our services and investment proposition in more detail. For further information, please email info@peterguyltd.co.uk